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Nested associative Arrays

This articel describes one of the lesser known features of the kornshell 93, nested associative Arrays.

Let's say, you want to represent the contents of an INI-style file as a shell variable. The first index should hold the section names and the second one the key names.

If you can define all the entries in one statement, you can write

    ['section 1']=(
        ['key 1']='entry 1/1'
        ['key 4']='entry 1/4'
        ['key 7']='entry 1/7'
    ['section 2']=(
        ['key 2']='entry 2/2'
        ['key 5']='entry 2/5'
        ['key 8']='entry 2/8'
    ['section 3']=(
        ['key 1']='entry 3/1'
        ['key 4']='entry 3/4'
        ['key 8']='entry 3/8'

But most of the time you will have to build the array step by step. In this case you can write

typeset -A ini=()
typeset -A ini['section 1']=()
ini['section 1']['key 1']='entry 1/1'
ini['section 1']['key 4']='entry 1/4'
ini['section 1']['key 7']='entry 1/7'
typeset -A ini['section 2']=()
ini['section 2']['key 2']='entry 2/2'
ini['section 2']['key 5']='entry 2/5'
ini['section 2']['key 8']='entry 2/8'
typeset -A ini['section 3']=()
ini['section 3']['key 1']='entry 3/1'
ini['section 3']['key 4']='entry 3/4'
ini['section 3']['key 8']='entry 3/8'

In both cases you get identical variables ini.

To access a specific value of the array you can write


To enumerate all values of the first index, use


To enumerate all values of the second index for a given first index $section, write


This is used in the following code to dump the entire array to stdout:

for section in "${!ini[@]}"
    for key in "${!ini[$section][@]}"
        print -r -- "ini[$section][$key] = ${ini[$section][$key]}"

which produces the following output

ini[section 1][key 1] = entry 1/1
ini[section 1][key 4] = entry 1/4
ini[section 1][key 7] = entry 1/7
ini[section 2][key 2] = entry 2/2
ini[section 2][key 5] = entry 2/5
ini[section 2][key 8] = entry 2/8
ini[section 3][key 1] = entry 3/1
ini[section 3][key 4] = entry 3/4
ini[section 3][key 8] = entry 3/8

To use this feature, you need at least ksh93t. The examples were tested with version 93t+ 2009-05-01 and 93u+ 2011-06-22.

Paul Herger

SCSA Zertifikat

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